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Millington Town Office
402 Cypress Street P O Box 330
Millington, MD  21651
(410) 928-3880


Preventing Frozen Pipes

frozen pipes


Notice is hereby given that the Millington Board of Appeals will
hold a meeting on February 21, 2019 at 6:30 PM. The purpose
of this meeting is to review an application for a special exception
to allow the development and construction of a senior housing
project to be built at 302 Carville Drive in the Mill Village development
in Millington.
By Order of Millington Board of Appeals



Town of Millington, Millington, Maryland

In accordance with the Millington Town Charter,

the Town of Millington has CANCELLED the election scheduled for

March 12, 2019.

The position of Mayor will be filled by CJ Morales

The position on the Council will be filled by Kevin Hemstock.

By the authority of: Town of Millington

Maggie Patterson


(410) 928-3880


Senior Housing and Proposed Plans00001000022 p003


Other News from Around Town

!Public Notice!
In accordance with the Millington Town Charter, The Town of
Millington will hold an election for One (1) position on the Town
Council and one (1) position for Mayor.
Candidates must file with the Town Clerk by 12:00 PM on Monday,
February 8, 2019. Filing forms require the signatures of five
registered Voters in the Town and are available at the Town Office
During regular business hours.
The election will be held on Tuesday, March 12, 2019. Polling
location is the Town Office, 402 Cypress Street, Millington. The
polls will be open from 12:00 Noon to 8:00 PM.
Results of the election will be posted at the Town Office Within
two (2) hours after the closing of the polls on March 12, 2019.
Town of Millington
Maggie Patterson
(410) 928-3880

 !Hydrant Flushing!


Water  Main Flushing   

January 30, 2019

Beginning  at  8:00  AM  on  Wednesday,  January 30,  2019, Maryland Environmental Services will flush Millington’s  water system. Normal service should be restored by 3:00 PM.   

Flushing reduces the trace amounts of material commonly found in any water system.   

While flushing is in progress, you will likely notice drops in water pressure and a rusty appearance to the water.   

If your water does appear rusty, flush it until it becomes clear. Also, avoid doing laundry and minimize the use of hot  water.   

While this program may cause some inconvenience, it will help to maintain the high quality of yourservice.   

The Mayor and Council of Millington and Maryland Environmental Services appreciate your cooperation and patience.   

If you should have any questions regarding this procedure, please contact the Town Office at  410-928-3880.

!!!! Wifi Hotspot At The Pool!!!!

Kent County Wireless Network Guest Free Access


Town of Millington Community Center and Free Library 

Hours of Operation:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 8:00 till 12:00

Tuesday and Thursday 1:00 till 5:00

Free interent access with 4 workstations

Hours are subject to change

Welcome to the Town of Millington

The residents of the Town of Millington envision making our town a desirable place to live, work, and play. Millington is a place of beauty, diversity and pleasant memories. A self-sufficient, caring small town with a tradition of rural living and slow, controlled, growth; Millington is a community of opportunity for its many locally-owned small businesses.

History of the Town of Millington

The Town of Millington, a municipal corporation under Maryland law, was originally chartered as a town by the Maryland General Assembly in 1798. The town was incorporated in 1890. Millington grew up as a small village located on the Chester River, sharing shores with both Kent and Queen Anne's County. The land on which it is located was settled in the late 17th century. Over the years, the name of the town has changed - originating as Head of Chester, to Bridgetown around 1724, and finally in 1818 to become known as the Town of Millington.

Prior to the Civil War

The Town of Millington was a busy seat of commerce and agriculture. Millington was located in the center of a large corn, wheat, and fruit growing area. Downtown commerce included a hardware store, clothing and supply shops, a bank, hotels, and mills. In the late 1860s, the railroad was constructed connecting Wilmington and Philadelphia to Millington and points further south. The Kent and Queen Anne's Railroad enabled Millington to become one of the largest peach shippers in the county for many years.

Millington Today

Today, Millington is still a small town with strong echoes from the past. Millington is a walkable, self-contained town with a clear rural character and atmosphere. The town has two public parks and a skateboard park within the town limits. The Millington Ballfield Association, in conjunction with the Millington Lions Club, has a facility on the Kent County Board of Education property close to the town limits. The Millington Swim Club facility, with a swimming pool and tennis court, is located partially in the Town limits and is owned and operated by the Kent County Parks and Recreation for public use. Also, the head of the Chester River runs through the Town of Millington, offering lovely public fishing areas with perch spawning in the spring, and catfish, spot, sunfish, yellow perch and the occasional striped bass throughout the remainder of the season.





In accordance with the Millington Town Charter, the Town of Millington has CANCELLED

the election scheduled for

 March 12, 2019. 


The position of Mayor will be filled by CJ Morales

The position on the Council  

will be filled by Kevin Hemstock



By the authority of:

Town of Millington

Maggie Patterson