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Millington Town Office
402 Cypress Street P O Box 330
Millington, MD  21651
(410) 928-3880

Emergency Information

The Town of Millington is rural in nature, and has many streams and low-lying areas. There is a continual threat of flooding throughout the year for our small town due to our location at the head of the Chester River. The ditch and drainage system from Kent County, Delaware drains directly into the head waters of the Chester River, which begins just east of the town limits. When conditions exist with a southeast wind, a heavy consistent rain for a few days, and a full moon, the incoming high tide will create extreme flooding problems for our area. There is also the ongoing threat of a hurricane's path heading north through the Chesapeake Bay.

During this type of emergency in the past, we have needed to vacate Sandfield and the homes on the Queen Anne's side of the Millington Bridge; both areas are low-lying and susceptible to flooding. Sandfield is just east of the center of town at the end of Crane Street, and the homes across the bridge extend to High Bridge Road. We have seen the waters rise into the yards and homes of those residents who live along the Chester River; bridges closed to traffic due to flooding and damage from flooding; and residents asked to seek shelter and leave their homes. If asked to vacate your premises, the Fire House is the designated shelter. The overall responsibility of emergency response and operations to our community is a collaboration between the Town officials and the Millington Volunteer Fire Company.

Information will be available at the shelter and the Town Office once the emergency is over and clean-up can begin. We, the officials of the Town of Millington, ask that during any emergency all residents remain calm and follow all directions from state and local officials. During emergency situations assistance may be provided by other area fire companies, Maryland State Police, Kent County Sheriff's Department, Kent County Rescue Squad, Red Cross, local churches, and town officials. The Town Mayor and Council will work with residents to try to return to their way of life prior to the disaster by providing information, contact names and numbers, and other assistance as needed.

Emergency Contact Information

Kent County Sheriff's Department
(410) 778-2279

Queen Anne's County Sheriff's Department
(410) 758-0770

Millington Volunteer Fire Company
(410) 928-3171

Chester River Health System
(410) 778-3300

Office of the State Fire Marshall
Fire Safety
(410) 822-7609

Maryland State Police (Centreville Barrack) 

Kent County Drug Task Force

Queen Anne's County Drug Task Force