Mayor and Council

By charter, the Town of Millington functions under a modified Mayor and Council form of government. There are four elected council members and a Mayor, who serve 3 year staggered terms.

Elections and Organizational Meeting

The election is held on the first Tuesday in March. At the organizational meeting held at 6:30 pm on the second Tuesday of April, the Mayor swears in the new council member. The Mayor is sworn in by the Clerk of Court for Kent County, Maryland when a new term occurs. The first item on the agenda after the ceremony is determining meeting times for the upcoming year.


Currently, meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month starting at 6:30 pm. All meetings are open to the public as required by the Maryland Open Meetings Act.  The Council offers a "public comment" period to receive comments, complaints, and concerns; Council asks the public to refrain from disrupting a meeting and only participate when addressed.  Council asks that all phones be muted to eliminate noise that may interfere with the meeting.  


 Mayor & Council

Kevin Hemstock
Term Expires: April 2025

Michelle Holland,
Term Expires: April 2026

Mark Linton,
Term Expires: April 2024

Zita Seals                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Council                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Term Expires: April 2025

Wayne Starkey,
Term Expires: April 2026




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Resolution 2020-03 Resolution to Adopt Rules of Procedure for the Town of Millington Meetings

Resolution 2020-04 Resolution to Adopt the Budget for Fiscal Year 2020

Resolution 2020-05 Resolution to Adopt an amended Zoning Ordinance

Resolution 2020-06 Resolution to adopt Master Parks & Recreation Plan

Master Parks and Recreation Plan

Resolution 2020-11 Resolution to adopt Road Names and Address Displays

Town Code Chapter 64  - Ordinance to provide a uniform system of road addresses

Resolutio 2020 - 07 Resolution to Adopt Nuisance Flooding Plan

Nuisance Flooding Plan

Resolutio 2020-08 Resolution to amend Water Ordinance

Resolution 2020-09 Resolution to amend Sewer Ordinance

Resolution 2020-12 Resolution to Contract Peter Johnston Associates for Kent County's Land Rezoning

Resolution 2020-13 Resolution to Amend Article III of the Building Construction Ordinance

Chapter 22, Article III Occupancy Permits

Resolution 2020-14 Resolution to Amend the Planning Commission Ordinance

Chapter 9, Planning Commission

Resolution 2020-15 Resolution to adopt Queen Anne's County Animal Ordinance

Queen Anne's County Animal Ordinance

Resolution 2020-16 Resolution to adopt Kent County Animal Ordinance

Kent County Animal Ordinance




Resolution 2021-01 Resolution to Contract Peter Johnston Associates for the Planning Commission 

Resolution 2021-02  Resolution to Contract Peter Bourne & KCI Technologies, Inc. for Russ Richardson proposed development

Resolution 2021-03 Resolution to Amend the   Stormwater Ordinance 

Resolution 2021-04 Establishment of Assessed Real Property Tax Rate

Resolution 2021-05 Amending Vehicles & Traffic Ordinance

Resolution 2021-06 Amending Fee Schedule

Resolution 2021-07 Budget Resolution

Resolution 2021-08  Amending Water Ordinance

Resolution 2021-09  Amending Street & Sidewalks Ordinance

Resolution 2021-10 2021 Kent County Hazard Mitigation Plan

Resolution 2021-11  Amending of  Animal Ordinance

Amendment Animal Ordinance



Resolution 2022-01 Contracting with Audting Firm

Resolution 2022-02 Issuance of Bond for Millington Fire Company, Inc.

Resolution 2022-03 Adopting the Budget for  Fiscal Year 2022-2023

Resolution 2022-04 Amending the Fee Schedule

Chapter 78 - Short Term Rentals

Resolution 2022-05 Adopting Short Term Rentals Ordinance

Zoning Amendment - CRD Community Infill and Redevelopment Overlay District

Resolution 2022-06 - Amending the Zoning Ordinance

Chapter 77 - Developer's Rights & Responsibility Agreement

Resolution 2022-07 - Adopting Developer's Rights & Responsibility Agreement

Resolution 2022-08 - Adoption of Procurement Policy

Resolution 2022-09 - Amendment to Comprehensive Plan Maps

Resolution 2022-10 - Annexation of Mountaire Farms property

Resolution 2022-11 - Annexation of 172 Sassafras Street property

Resolution 2022-12 - Acquistion of Real Property - 172 Sassafras Street

Resolution 2022-13 - Adoption of Driveway Entrance Permit Requirements



Resolution 2023-01 - Allocations for Public Water and Sewer Capacity

Allocations for Public Water and Sewer Policy and Procedures

Resolution 2023-02 - Amendment to Chapter 22, Building Construction

Chapter 22 - Building Construction

Resolution 2023-03 - Amendment to Chapter 73, Special Events and Parades

Chapter 73 - Special Events and Parades

Resolution 2023-04 - Mobile Food Units

Chapter 75 - Mobile Food Units

Resolution 2023-05 - Budget

Resolution 2023-06 - Fee Schedule

Fee Schedule

Resolution 2023-07 - Authorize Submission of a CDBG Application for Millington Senior Village

Resolution 2023-08 - Adoption of CDBG Citizen Participation Plan

Resolution 2023-09 - Establishment of CDBG Anti-Displacement Plan

Resolution 2023-10 - Authorize Submission of Application to Maryland DHCD Revitalization Program - Facade Improvement Program

Resolution 2023-11 - Authorize Submission of Application to Maryland DHCD Revitatlization Program - Community/Business Center